Tuesday, 30 October 2007

How Generals and their children raping Burma

Burmese Generals and their children’s involvement in Burma’s economy.

It is shocking to find out how corrupt the generals are. Generals and their relatives pretty much control Burma’s economy. Please keep in mind that an average Burmese makes about $ 10-30/month. An average physician makes about $ 100/month. ( 1300 kyat= 1 $). General Than Shwe’s official salary is about $ 400/month. How do they accumulate so much wealth when an average citizen can’t afford to eat 3 meals a day?

Boycott their businesses ! By doing business with them, you are enriching generals and prolonging the suffering of Burmese people.

1. Ye Ta Khun Construction Group
Address. Tamwe Towhship, Yuzana Plaza-West
Owner. Aung Zaw Ye Myint ( 28 year old), son of General Ye Myint, Divorced.
He was married to Aye Mya Tha, daughter of another general who is a minister of rail transportation. His ex-wife got most of 120 million kyats ( US $ 100,000) wedding gifts.

2. Sun Tac
Owner. Sit Taing Aung, son of U Aung Phone (minister of forestry).

3. Sunday Mart
Owner. Aye Mya Tha, daughter of rail transportation minister and ex-wife of Aung Zaw Ye Myint.

4. Rose Hill Hospital
Owner- son of U Thaung, minister of science.

5. Happy Noodle
Owner. ex daughter in law of Kyaw Ba, a former general and ex-minister. Her son, U Aye Tun is married to Sao Thanda Noi , who is a step daughter of Tun Naing , working in Air Bagan. Tun Naing’s father is Senior General Than Shwe.

Aung Soe Tha, son of minister U Soe Tha, partly owns the company.

7. MMS Company ( owns supermarkets and hotels )
Kyaw Myo Nyunt owns shares of this company. He is a 32 year old son of retired general Nyunt Tin (former minister of Agriculture and Irrigation). He is married to the daughter of Daw Mya Mya Win. Daw Mya Mya Win is a well known former democracy activist in Japan. She later changed her mind and supports the military regime now.
(See more information about Kyaw Myo Nyunt below.)

8. J&J
Tun Naing , son of general Than Shwe gets a cut of profit.

9. Heritage Golf Club
Win Htwe Hlaing (23 year old), son of General Win Hlaing is a part-owner of the club.

10. Htoo Trading
Owner- Tay Za, the businessman of Burma.

11. Bagan Airway (Boycott!)
Owner. Tay Za

12. Pacific High Tech
Part-owner. Min Thet Oo, son of general Ohn Myint (minister of mines). His nick name is Ko Min. He owns shares in a lot of other businesses.

13. Taw Win Electric
Owner. Zin Myint Maung aka Soe Soe, daughter of general Mying Maung. Her ex-partner was Wanna, son of general Win Myint. He died in a car accident.

14. Multiple Clinics
We are still trying to get more information. It is owned by Htin Kyaw (40 year old, wife Htwe Htwe Soe Min). His father was an ex-major General in infamous Military Intelligence service. He used to work at Burmese embassy in Japan. They live in Inya Road.

15. Phyu Diamond Shop
Owner. Phyu Phyu Oo, the second daughter of late general Tin Oo. She dated Kyaw Myo Nyunt son of General Tin Nyunt. Kyaw Myo Nyunt helps her open this business. Ex-general Khin Nyunt tried to arrest her at the airport while she was smuggling gem stones out of the country.

16. Asia World (One of the few big conglomerates in Burma)

Owner. Steven Law, son of Law Hsing Han, a well known drug war lord. 45 year old. Mixed Chinese-KoKant national. A graduate of University of Economics, Rangoon. He owns business through the country. He owns construction companies. He has his own harbor in KyiMyinDaing township. Owns a large tract of land near Hledan junction. Owns Mandalay-Lasho highway, a private toll road. He likes to be called, "Sayagyi" (Master). He is one of the planner behind the forced relocation of 1000 families living near Rangoon-Insein road. Their houses were razed to build new apartment buildings. He also built a huge mansion for himself on that confiscated land. You can see his house on google earth.

18. Eden Group. Marina Residence (Kaba Aye Road)
Owner. U Chit Khine (former NLD), a close associate of General Maung Aye.

19. MNT ( Myan New Technology)
Owner. Yin Win Thu, 30 years old. She lives on Swit Kyw Sat Road, 6 ½ mile. She is known to have a close association with Nandar Aye, daughter of General Maung Aye. Nandar Aye is also a partner in her business. They have monopoly of supplying computers to schools and universities in Burma. They also have a monology on CNG ( liquified natural gas) business.


Anonymous said...

what can we do about that?they dont really care.a lot of myanmar people know about what they own and what kind of bussiness do they running,you just woke up from oversea and showing on your blog.why dont you come back so i can show you more detail information,trust me its won't be fit on your blog page

Farajirhaxmurak said...

To t t

If you have more information, just send them over. If this blog is full, then you can send them to mine. Let everyone know that if they gain benefit from Junta, either by family connections, friendship or services, their personal details will be published around the world million times over. And I really think that they care. Otherwise they won't be arresting everyone who is anywhere near the computer, will they? Being abroad, at least we have the freedom of speach so we will carry on speaking, shouting and publishing. I love it.

War War said...

By the way, You put MNT as owned my Yin Win Thu and Nandar Aye but their real company name is Queen Star