Thursday, 26 July 2012

Moethee Zun's Statement regarding libelous attacks on Dr Maung Zarni

Moe Thee Zun's Statement regarding libelous attacks on Dr Maung Zarni

It is deeply troubling that Mr Nyein Chan, a self-identified supporterof the Burmese military has been uploading YouTube clips in both Burmese and English languages, fabricating lies about  Burmeseacademics who have taken an anti-racist stance such as Dr Zarni (also known as Maung Zarni) and others.

Nyein Chan is a son of Lieutenant Commander Sun Maung (Myanmar NavyRetd) and his website at the University College of London is here at
Whether Nyein Chan is working in collaboration with others or as aloner, one thing is clear from the Youtube attacks- all these ridiculous lies he is spreading are libelous and are by Nyein Chan's own admission linked directly to Dr Zarni's principled support for the
basic and inalienable rights of the 800,000 Rohingyas.

Burmese version:

English Version:

I have been a close comrade of Dr Zarni since his student days at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in the mid-1990s when we began working together to build the Pepsi boycott Free Burma campaign around the world.  I can tell with 100% confidence that Nyein Chan's YouTube clips include nothing but verifiable lies and fabrications.

Going against the grain of the day, among the Burmese exiles, Dr Zarni led the trend for "principled engagement" with the then Prime Minister General Khin Nyunt in 2004.  Even after Khin Nyunt's downfall, he stayed the course with post-Khin Nyunt military regime. In fact, he returned to Burma as a guest of the military regime in October 2005 and was well-received by the then Lt-General Myint Swe, Gen. Khin Nyunt's replacement as head of military intelligence and now the Vice President-select.  Having found little or no space for contributing to the country's development working with the generals, Dr Zarni left
Burma for the United Kingdom where he finally settled down as a legal

Using an email alias Ace Boy ( Nyein Chan has also been the man behind anonymous attempts to discredit the authenticity of Dr Zarni's educational qualifications with the London School of Economics and his alma mata the University of Wisconsin.

This is a very worrying development which should be monitored closely and exposed.  For these attacks are designed to silence anti-racist liberal voices in Burmese society.

Moethee Zun 
New York 


Anonymous said...

Ko Moe Thee!
Are you trying to defend Dr. Zarni OR promoting Nyein Chan?
Killing two birds with one stone?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Dr.Maung Zarni, if he really true in his education qualification, why don't he display his thesis on public. He should try to reduce his bossy air and people from myanmar are willing to hear his authentic voice. We will show some respect to him if he really do good value to myanmar.

soe htet

anti-chee htote said...

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Anonymous said...

Don't worry. This Nyein Chan, according to his website, is going to work in Malaysia. The muslims there are waiting for him and we will never hear anything from him ever again. Good luck Nyein Chan, a big headed uneducated dxxxhead.