Monday, 15 October 2012

ၿမန္မာၿပည္ အတြက္ ကူညီလုိ သူ ေစတနာ့ ၀န္ထမ္းမ်ား အလုိရွိ။

IFPAD will launch Myanmar Business Forum.
Please join with us.
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Myanmar Business Forum

We are former 8.8.88 activists and founded this forum to promote responsible foreign investment, empower small and mid-size business and help build a business culture based on transparency.

There are three main areas we will emphasize our efforts.
  1.       To promote  foreign direct investment by reputable companies which are socially responsible, practice business transparency, respect labor rights, and follow internationally accepted environmental guidelines.
  2. Empower small and median sized business by providing seminars, educational, vocational trainings; promote networking with local and foreign partners.
  3. Publish research and opinion papers regarding projects, current business regulation and practices.  Our goal is to promote a transparent business culture, fair competition and promote projects which are deemed beneficial to the local economy to foreign investors.

Promoting  Foreign Direct Investment 

We believe  foreign direct investment is important to the current democratization process.  It is essential for the domestic economy to grow, provide a social stability and build a strong middle class, all of which are essential to have a strong democratic society.

We welcome investment by reputable and socially responsible companies.  We want companies to respect worker’s rights, pay fair wages and provide vocational training.  Protecting the environment and transferring technology to local partners must also be a corner stone of the company policy.  

We want foreign companies to work with local companies which have a strong track record in respecting human rights, property rights, workers rights, and the environment.  We also want to see those local companies give back to the community by engaging in local philanthropic work emphasizing alleviation of poverty and supporting health and education related projects.

Empower small and median business

We believe thriving small and median business is important to a democratic society.  Therefore we encourage foreign governments and companies to have a policy or procedure in place to help small and median business.  However, we also understand that a foreign business may have to partner with a large local company in order to have a profitable business.  

We will arrange management and vocational training for small and mid-size business.  We also will plan seminar and meetings to provide a venue for networking between local and foreign companies and between local and local companies. 

Publish research and opinion papers

We will recruit overseas intellectuals, local NGOs and professionals to publish position papers regarding projects, policy and specific regulations.  We will work with local professionals and NGOs in areas of environment, labor rights, health and education.  

We will seek support from local businesses, professionals, NGOs, overseas intellectuals, foreign businesses and governments.  We also appreciate the continued support of the Government of the Republic of Union of Myanmar.

ၿမန္မာၿပည္ အတြက္ ကူညီလုိ သူ စတနာ့ ၀န္ထမ္းမ်ား အလုိရွိ

Notice for Volunteers

  1. Volunteers are advised to practice professionalism and follow the guidelines of the organization and the respective rules and regulations of the country during the volunteer period;
  2. Volunteers are required to protect and maintain the dignity of the nation, organization and self;
  3. The volunteering works are subject to approval of the organization and relevant bodies;
  4. Volunteers shall not accept any personal tips, gifts or donations. All donations shall be directed and accepted at the IFPAD’s office or authorized personnel of the management team;
  5. Volunteers shall be requested to leave immediately should there is a breach of the rules and regulations and behave improper conduct during the volunteer period; and
  6. Volunteers are requested to submit the application form 2 months in advance in order for us to process the form and establish connection with the various parties.
Should you require further clarifications or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at

အကူအညီေပးလုိသည့္ ေစတနာ့ ၀န္ထမ္းမ်ား ဆက္သြယ္ရန္

Let’s start this exciting journey by filling in the application form and submit for processing.

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All gangsters put all the country`s money in their pockets for 50 years.

Now the gangsters asking help from the people/public.

So funny voice of gangster !