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ဟန္ေညာင္ေ၀ အဖြဲ ့ က မူစလင္ သတ္ျဖတ္ခံရမဲ့အေရးကိုု စိုုးရိမ္ရေၾကာင္း ထုုတ္ေျပာလာျပီ

Fwd: Rwanda-like genocide of Burmese Muslims is unfolding in Burma, according to Harn Yawnghwe's Euro-Burma Office based in Rangoon,

According to Harn Yawnghwe's Euro-Burma Office, the "Rwanda-like
genocide" of Muslims is unfolding in Burma.

I will be the last to defend the NLD on its leadership and
organizational failure.  But the ultimate responsibility to protect
all citizens - yes, including the Burmese Muslims - lies squarely with
Naypyidaw's generals and ex-generals.

Burma's security forces are DOING NOTHING to stop the killings of the Muslims.

Fire engines are seen to leave the Muslim homes  burning while they
attempt to extinguish Buddhist homes in Meikhtila.

Here is the EBO's Urgent Warning - Spread the word.

"EBO is very concerned about recent violence in Burma – especially as
there are concerns that it could turn into a Rwandan-like genocide.

Please see the following information sent by a reliable source.

(From Mandalay)

Students at a madrassa in Dahattan were being evacuated in four cars
yesterday. The last car did not make it to safely. The children
attempted to flee and hide behind bushes etc but were caught and 24
were killed.

Pamphlets and DVDs of an anti-Muslim nature have been distributed all
over in Mandalay. They show Muslims beheading those of other faiths
etc. Some Buddhist monks have been preaching anti-Muslim sermons.

NLD members and youth leaders are behind every anti-Muslim
disturbance. They have formed a group of 100 vigilantes. The leaders
are Dr San Hlaing, Mai Pa (woman), Tin Myo Naing, Thiha (released from
Putao prison), and Tin Ko Ko (MP U Win Htain’s personal assistant).
These people are absconding and U Win Htain says he does not know
their whereabouts. In the recent NLD intra-party regional elections, a
Muslim woman leader was elected by 61 votes but was barred from taking
her position.

Residents of Muslim neighbourhoods were evacuated under the protection
of Buddhist youths who are their neighbours. They raised their hands
in the photo to show that they are unarmed.

Further details will be sent to me from the affected people themselves.

(Please note that his is not an attempt to smear the NLD but to reveal
what is behind the disturbances. You may substantiate this from other


I have talked on the phone to a Muslim lawyer at a safe place in Meiktila.

He said the killing, burning and looting is still going on in Meiktila
as well as other towns and villages. There are over a 1000 Muslims
taking refuge in the football field with no food. Food cannot be sent
to them because of “security”.

The death toll is 47 including 11 women, 10 madrassa students and 5
teachers. The presence of the NLD MP, 88 Generation and even Mandalay
Chief Minister Ye Myint seem to be of no avail. People are being
killed right before them. Security personnel are doing nothing.

Military security and police special branch only take video
recordings. An investigation commission is being talked about.

Fire engines only douse burning Buddhist homes, while Muslims homes
are left to burn.

The couple from the gold shop who are in police custody have been
handed over to a mob.

The lawyer compares this to the Rwandan genocide and adds that it
seems to be well planned. A monk who had been arrested for similar
acts in 2003 and subsequently released had been preaching the
‘cleansing of Muslims from Myanmar’ for months now. He is pleading for
diplomatic missions and international organizations to come to
Meiktila before it is too late.

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