Friday 9 May 2008


You have seen and heard about the situation in here.
Yesterday, we distributed the food and shelter to the cyclone effected area within our project area.
It's totally 800 house hold and as our project is the food security project we need to support them in this situation.
But today we received the letter from the authorities to stop that without the permission.
Now, all the NGOs are trying to support and go to the effected area, and but we cannot go immediately as gov don't want to permit it.
They ask us to give support through them.
So you can think and imagine of the people in delta region. U know, this is not the politic, it's really humanity matter.
We are now sitting many meetings in the office all the time and busy with storing the materials.
All the burmese people outside of Myanmar should do something for that.
Pls pray for all the refugees.
Ur's sister.


MysteriouX said...

please spread the word

Nintendo said...

thx for sharing.