Friday, 9 May 2008

On behalf of Burmese people

There are more than enough reasons for United States and NATO countries to get in to Burma to help and rescue victims, since Burmese Military regime does not care about the millions of the human lives.

According to an interview with one official from Burma by telephone, estimated number of 600,000 people have died and over 100,000 people are still missing and 800,000 people are waiting for help.
All forms of international aid have been delayed by military Junta and in most places the people and the relief workers trying to help victims are being disturbed and manipulated by USDA members and soldiers who are also hungry and helpless.

Meanwhile, SPDC is tackling to win their referendum in other 12 states and divisions of the country. Ministers and Division Commanders of the Military regimes are going out field trips to persuade the people to vote their referendum.

On the other hand, 800,000 people are endangered by thirst, hunger, lack of safety and epidemic.

Sadly, on this planet earth, Burmese are treated as sub-humans by its own military government.Is the whole human race powerless to help other fellow human beings?

The Irrawaddy division is agriculturally the most essential division for Burmese people and it produced one third of the rice production for 57 millions people.
After the typhoon NAGRIS, the whole delta area’s rice production lands are flooded with salt water. Farmers can’t grow rice on salted land and there are no farmers left to produce rice for the country and the most important agricultural sector of the country has been destroyed.

In the beginning of every June of the year, Burmese farmers usually prepare to grow their paddy plants in the farming area of the country to feed 57 million mouths. But this year, the rice production will drastically decline because of the typhoon.

The questions remain: how Military rulers will manage to feed over 50 million people next year, and how the people of Burma will survive without enough food for the following year and what preparations are planned for this matter.

Bottom line is if the military junta does not change their stubbornness and isolated idea, there will be another huge uprising and powerful revolution of the Burmese people and it will no longer be suppressed through the use of violence.

Consideration for the United States of America and NATO, If United States of America and NATO decide to take responsibility for Burmese people, it is totally different from Iraq and Afghanistan issue. 57 millions human beings will be free from oppression and genocides, 57 millions helpless people will thank US and NATO and the whole world and the vision of the whole world toward US and NATO will change gracefully and cheerfully.
As a matter of fact, China and Russia will not agree any decision toward Burma and if it hurts the interest of military junta, because they have closed tie and mutual interests geopolitically and personal profits among them. That’s why they will block any constructive decision for the Burmese people at United Nations.

United States and NATO do not need United Nations decision and agreement for this matter, but only need to have humane hearts and people oriented vision.

Even if SPDC were to finally reconsider to accept US aid after their preconditioned voting process for referendum, it would have become too late for 800,000 human lives and the survivals of 57 millions peole in year 2009.

Thus, the fates of the Burmese people hang precariously from the hands of the mercy of the world. Definitely no longer from the hands of either God or SPDC's allies; China and Russia!

Ko Hmway

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