Monday, 22 April 2013

ွ Voice of Shan Women

Stop rapes: Shan women demand

A rights group, Shan Women’s Action Network (SWAN) demands to end the ongoing conflicts between Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA); and Burma army withdraw all units reinforced during the conflicts in March as committing atrocities, abuses and rapes against women and children continue.
A Ta’ang lady at a refugee center in Tangyan (Photo: KPL)
A Ta’ang lady at a refugee center in Tangyan (Photo: KPL)
“In March, we have made an inquiry by phone to some of the villages in the armed conflict areas. We were told that there was a report on 3 Ta’ang women were taken by the Burma army soldiers to the frontline. Following their release, the 3 Ta’ang girls said, they had to work for the Burma army in the camp for 3 days. They simply told they had worked for the army unit without specifying kind of work. If they revealed the story ‘as it’ or not is questionable. We have been receiving reports of rape cases against women continuously from Tangyan, said Ying Harn Fah, a spokesperson for SWAN. On 21 April there was also a report on rape from Tangyan that took place on 14 April, Ying Harn Fah added.
Such atrocities, abuses, human right violations and rapes are common incidents committed by the Burma army and often heard from the locals during the recent clashes between SSA and Burma army, said Sai Nong from Tangyan.
SWAN, a Shan women rights group, particularly demands for a real ceasefire and to honor the terms of agreements made between the Myanmar government and ethic armed groups; in the peace process, to move forward for a genuine peace in which all the people are hoping; in order that clashes to be stopped, it is necessary Burma army withdraw all recent deployed troops during the conflicts, the right group told SHAN.
During the conflicts, it was reported 2 rape cases: an 18-year-old a village girl and an 8-year-old boy took place during the clashes between SSA and Burma army in recent month in Tangyan Township, northern Shan State.
“Even an 8-year-old boy was not spared. The case took place on 14 April, during the Myanmar New Year celebration. It was Private Htat Kyaw, from Infantry Battalion (IB) 17 from Burma army. He was reportedly took the child into bedroom. Upon the boy’s parents arrival to rescue in time, and asked the neighbors for help, the soldier fled. It was from Wan Li in Namlan Township. Another incident was on the 21 March when a Private Kyaw Maung, 28, from Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) 513 Burma army raped an 18-year-old girl from Nam Palam village in Mong Awd, according to local news sources from Mong Awd.
The girl’s parents told the Private Kyaw Maung the case will be reported to the unit commander, the major. The soldier responded by saying the case not to be reported but he would consider to marry the girl.
As the girl’s parents did not agree with Kyaw Maung, he fled the village and just 20 yards away from the village, he committed suicide by shooting himself, according to sources from the girl’s relatives in Monghsu.

I was raped. Protesting ICG giving peace award to Burma war president. #Burma #Myanmar #Protest

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