Sunday, 19 May 2013

Our Perspectives on President Thein Sein visit to United States

The central requirement for the improvement of governance and institutional quality in Burma is the removal of the military from its central position of power.


Col Kyaw Thaung said...

two words to summarise; proper bullshit.

Anonymous said...

My opinion, I don't agree with Ko Thiha Ba Kyi's question to ask to Mr.President. In fact, me too do not want non elected military personnel in parliament. But how can you say that the 25% of member of parliament should be so called from over sea educated personnel to replace non elected military personnel? Could you all talk & discuss about it on next episode?

Tomahawk said...


I want to ask you guys, why did you guys talking in English here?
What is your purpose of doing English version?
Is this for Burmese people?
You guys want to be contributors of those big media giants or what?

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear panelists of the useless talk-show,

As Mr. T said, ' I pity the fool.'
I think your targeted audiences are not the Burmese citizens. However, one thing that you forgot to take into account was whether English speaking audiences will understand your gibberish or not.