Sunday 24 February 2008

Fire at Yadanarpon Market (Mandalay)

Fire at Yadanarpon market in Mandalay!

There is a fire at Yadanarpon market (Mandalay) now.

The fire continue to burn until now (8:00 AM - 9:55 AM) as thousands
of people and shop owners watch hopelessly. The market was just opened
when the fire broke out at 8:00 AM and blamed for wire shocks and fire
fighters were afraid to go inside due to smokes and watch from
outside. Previously, last two days ago..according to sources, two
firemen were killed at Shumawa Slipper building fire and as result,
the fire fighters are afraid to go into the building.

Yadanarpon market is located on the coner of 32st and 78 St and famous
Manadlay MICT park (computer city) , Skywalk shopping complex, Orange
Super Market, relax Snookers and restaurant and thousands of shops are
located in that market. Yandanarpon is the second biggest market after
Zaycho market and was opend in 2000 and contributes significantly
important for business of Mandalay.

Another news:

All immigration office employees of the whole country have to start
working at 7:00 Am by the order of SPDC to speed up registration of
population and issuing National registration cards for those who
haven't got it.


Ba Kaung said...

မႏၱေလး ICT မီး

Steve Evergreen said...

Not surprised. Those buildings has no fire precaution since built. No fire doors which prevent spread of fire rapidly. Not enough fire extinguishers. No proper fire training for general public. No build-in water hose. Basically pathetic Burmese acrhitec and builders are not interested in prevention of fire. China dependent handicapped authorities also have no knowledge. Terrible Myanmar, isn't it?

Anonymous said...