Monday 19 May 2008

ASEAN: Slowly killing us (Burmese Cyclone Victims)

Please read the following headlines!

Here, we go again. ASEAN to the resuce of cyclone victims. Its more like a death sentence for many cyclone victims. ASEAN, instead of pushing for immediate help for the cyclone victims, they are following the wishes of Burmese generals. Now, we have to wait for May 25 meeting, then there will be another meeting and another meeting.......

ASEAN, you are slowly killing us and you will be a partner in crime against humanity.

Burmese Cyclone Victims

"Asean to Handle Foreign Aid for Burma"

"Myanmar [Burma] is also prepared to accept the expertise of international and regional agencies to help in its rehabilitation efforts," Yeo said.

"The bloc hopes to raise funds for Burma at the May 25 meeting and will also work closely with the World Bank and Asian Development Bank on aid packages. "

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